Rice University MBA

The Rice University MBA program hosts a mix of full and part-time MBA students, as well as 150 or so executive MBA candidates and a handful of students pursuing a PhD in business. Tuition carries a hefty price tag of over $85,000, and can be completed as a full-time program in less than two years. Students must be dedicated and hard-working. Successful graduates enjoy the benefits of the Rice University MBA program reputation and often find it very easy to find jobs and rise quickly through the ranks with regular promotions. If you are considering the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice, there are a few things you should know when you apply.


Rice University MBA The Rice University MBA program has a rolling admissions policy, meaning you can apply at any time of the year for the upcoming semester. They do require that you pass an English language proficiency exam, with a TOEFL score of at least 600. Admission is granted to those with stellar GMAT scores, strong resumes and work experience, and high-quality college essays. For help writing your college essay please check out the resources available at Classroom Technology

. Character references, college transcripts, and a private interview give admissions officers further insight into the personality and performance of each applicant. Note that interviews are conducted on an invitation-only basis.

An average of 34% of all Rice University MBA applicants are granted admission, and of those who are wait-listed, almost half end up being accepted for the semester they’d applied for. The program can afford to be highly selective thanks to its reputation and the caliber of students it attracts. The accepted MBA candidates don’t make up the most diverse student body, but roughly one-third are female and one-third are international students. Due to the location of Rice University, it is understandable that about 75% of the domestic student body is from the southwest United States.

Financial Aid

Nearly all of the Rice University MBA students receive some form of financial aid. The average annual support package is nearly $35,000, allowing most students to graduate with less than $71,000 in debt. Applying for scholarships has never been easier – simply check a box on your application indicating that you’d like to be considered. You application already contains a record of your academic history, which is sufficient to award scholarships and fellowships based on academic merit.

A Rice University MBA is an Investment in Your Career

Graduating with a Rice University MBA will open doors throughout your professional career. Other Alumni and faculty members will help you network and help you find new opportunities. Applicants should know that a full-time commitment is unnecessary. The Rice MBA for Professionals program gives you night and weekend options for lectures so that you can continue working your day job.

The Rice University MBA degree itself represents the mastery of a skill set that leads to productivity and success in the workplace. Other businessmen and business owners will understand that you are committed to professional development, which is always attractive to employers. With Rice University on your resume, your professional career is guaranteed to flourish!